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this is goodbye.

hmmm...two years.

It's hard to say goodbye but well, I have no other choice.

I'm moving to Wordpress...hehe.

Posted at 08:54 am by aubreyanne
Sunday, April 27, 2008
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here comes the sun

Can you both feel relaxed and tired at the same time? That's how I felt last Thursday and Friday when I went with Y, my sister, her husband and my niece Chloe to Zambales to celebrate Y's bday.

I've been planning this trip for about a month now, by planning I mean checking out all the beaches from Batangas and Zambales, Multiply was actually really helpful in making me decide. I was planning to go to this resort in Laiya first, but the accomodations were quite expensive for an overnight retreat. I didn't want the usual dinner out with here in Manila, and I knew that Y needed a break from the routine of work, and he did say that he wanted to go to the beach.

But I wanted a place that was inexpensive, pristine, and private. I heard that most of the public beaches in the south were already dirty, and I didn't want to fight with other beachgoers for a small space in the water. Zambales gave the perfect solution, we were gonna go to this resort in PUndakit and then go to the island of Capones then Anawangin.

I've been wanting to go to Capones for years now ever since I read about it in this magazine, but I just never had the opportunity plus to tell you honestly I wasn't a big fan of beaches because the sand gets in places that makes you really uncomfortable if you know what I mean.

Anyway Capones was an amazing island, we were the only ones there, the sand was really white . But the downside was the waves were really strong! I can count about three times that the waves really took me down to the bottom, they came one after the other. But  it was still worth it, although I would have wanted to see the lighthouse btu our boatmen said it was on the other side of the island. The next time I go there though, I'll be bringing a big beach umbrella to ward of the intensity of the sun.

Now, Anawangin, was in one word, paradise...

PIne trees lining up the shore, plus the waves here were much more friendlier than Capones. The pine trees offered a lot of shade for those who don't want to go to the beach. We stayed for about a couple of hours then proceeded back to the resort.

Island hopping is tiring!!! I mean by 8 pm I was asleep... I can't wait to go back though, maybe in.. a few weeks I'll convince Y to come with me again

Posted at 07:24 am by aubreyanne
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
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Haven't been this excited in ages

I have been thinking what to do for Yash on his birthday. Last year we went to Antipolo and ate at TOSH, by the way just went to Antipolo over the weekend and had a horrible experience there (will blog about it next time). This year I wanted an out of town thing, so I asked Ja and Jay if they wanted to take a trip. They said yes!

So now I needed to find the perfect place. I've been wanting to go to the beach for a long time now. It's been ages since I last went, I asked Yash what he wanted and he said he wanted to go to the beach. Yay!

So I started looking for the perfect place to go to. Initially I was looking at the beaches in Batangas, I really wanted to go to La Luz, but Ja said sa North na lang daw kami humanap, I first saw Montemar, mukanag maganda and affordable but the rooms were a little bit pricey. Then I found these islands in Zambales that looke absolutely beautiful. So on April 17-18 we will be at Megan's Resort then to do an island tour of Capones and Anawangin! I am so excited I've seen the pictures online and they are just gorgeous!!! Who knew we had these pristine beaches 3 hours away from Manila??


Posted at 03:08 pm by aubreyanne
Friday, April 11, 2008
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bulls - eye

We were on our way to DIvisoria when my dad started telling us about the news of the 5 young girls who all died in a car accident somewhere in the south. Apparently they were all going to meet these friends of theirs that they met online. Their parents of course would not allow them.

I wasn't listening so much to the conversation between my dad and my mom until i heard the following lines.

Daddy: Kasi nga mommy pinagbawalan na sila ng mga magulang nila pumunta pa rin sila. May bulls eye nga daw sila.

I immediately sprung up from my comfortable position at the back of the van. I tok of my headphones and said, huh?????

Me: Daddy, hindi bullseye yun. Eyeball......

We couldn't stop laughing after that...hehehe

Posted at 02:54 pm by aubreyanne
Thursday, April 10, 2008
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super duper late update

I have been so busy this past month that I haven't had time to blog. You see most of the school activitied that I was in charged of happened between February and March, hence my days were spent preparing for said events with little time to surf the net except for watching American Idol videos on Youtube (FYI I want David Cook to win!)

Anyway, I'm sitting here in front of the laptop with so many thoughts going through my head, there's so much I want to blog about, but I can't seem to think clearly because I 've had barely 2 hour of sleep last night, and it's all because of Gossip Girl. Yup I'm watching Gossip Girl, I finished the whole season in one night that's why I didn't sleep.

Maybe because I've been having TV withdrawal because I miss Heroes so much! And I have to wait until October to see what happens to Nathan Petrelli and Nikki!!! Hello? Stupid writers strike.

Anway, what to blog about next? OH! How about my new toy???? I haven't taken a picture yet because I'm too busy just platying it. I got a Nintendo DS Lite last week and I'm extremely enjoying it!!! I enjoy it more than the PSP, because there all I could play were SIMS, I didn't really enjoy all the other games (well because I didn't know how to play them) so the DS is perfect for me. My niece Chloe is also enjoying it a lot. I just need to buy an R-4 so I can download all these really cool games that I want to play. I'll post pictures next time.

What else? Oh we have a new car!!! Well my sister actually, you see my parents gave her a choice, she either studies at UST, or PNU which has a much lower tuition fee, but.....and this is a good but, she gets a car!!! Ha! Talo pa ko, hehehe anyway, I'll borrow it once in a while since she can't get a license yet. And, my dad said he's gonna buy me one by next year!!! Weeee, I love my dad! I'm excited for my sister, my dad got her a 1992? Toyota Lucida, it's an automatic so she'll find it easier. I love that it has a sunroof!!! Hmmm, makes me wish I paid more attention to my dad's driving lessons years ago. He bought me a car then but I was too scared to drive it. Now I actually want to drive, but I have to wait a year to get a car!Oh well.

I've got more to say but I'll do that next time, my eyelids are falling because I'm stoo sleepy so I'm  gonna make use of my lunchbreak and take a a nap. Hopefully I dream of driving a red Hummer...=)

Posted at 11:07 am by aubreyanne
Thursday, March 27, 2008
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Movie: Waitress

I watched it about two weeks ago on filmhill. From the first scene I was hooked, when she was just starting the day with all the pie baking. I really enjoyed the movie, it was lighthearted and funny, and it made me want to be a waitress in a small town diner...hahaha. Kasi it made being a waitress seem appealing and no it's not the having an affair with your doctor part but the idea that you could take something out of your ordinary life and turn it into something productive.

I loved it so much that I started looking for the recipes to the pies I saw there. I didn't find it all but I found a couple of recipes here. I can't wait to try them! If you're looking for a really feel good movie, watch this one, it's the perfect apple pie!

Posted at 10:06 am by aubreyanne
Friday, February 08, 2008
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My room is done, well almost anyway except for a few minor details, like my closet and this one area that I still need to fix. But over-all I'm happy with the results! Here it is!!!

 My closet, I painted that!!!

See those 3 pictures? Took 8 years to put them up!

My bed! Messy I know

This is where my TV and component go!

This is the area that still needs fixing!

My vanity/study table

My bare wall where I'll put up Y's paintings, and more pictures!!

So there! My room is done! Yay!!!

Posted at 06:33 am by aubreyanne
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Leaving sometimes isn't a matter of choice

These were the lines that struck me the most in Patricia Evangelista's speech (she won in London years ago for this one)entitled "Blond and Blue Eyes". In it she talked about us living in a "borderless world".

I remember these lines while I was participating in the event we went through last night during the service. It was probably the hardest thing we've ever had to go through as a church. And it wasn't so much the tears  that were shed, although yes I was crying the whole time. It was so much deeper than that. You know what it's like when you've been living in a beautiful home all your life and suddenly you need to, not just have to, go and live somewhere else? To leave a place where you've been cared for and nurtured for so long is always hard, but sometimes you really have no choice but to embark on a new journey. Like plants, or trees actually, the seedlings are placed in pots first, then when they get big enough they're planted on the ground where they can grow to greater heights. Staying in the same pot would have stunted their growth. True, they are being cared for by the gardener, with water, exposing them to the sunlight, treating them when they are sick and maybe even feeding them fertilizer to make them healthy. But sooner or later, the gardener would have to let go. He would have to plant that seedling on the ground and submit it to a much bigger force than he is...nature.

I'd like to think that we are like those trees, we needed to be cared for in the old place, but we need to put down our roots in a new one, where we could grow thick, and be fruitful.

But it is painful, going into a new place is never easy. But as I sais in my title, sometimes it isn't a matter of choice. I remember a preaching I heard from Ptr. Sunday years ago (I think I was still in high school), he said that it is Christ's love that compels us, and he defined compelling as a gentle tug in your heart. I never forgot that, and became reminded of it last night as I watched people saying goodbye to an old place and being welcomed into a new one. It wasn't their emotions that prevailed, it wasn't loyalties, it wasn't affiliations, it was Christ's love that compelled them to stay, to go, to commit or to ask for freedom.

That's why it isn't sometimes a matter of making a choice, if you're compelled, you have to, or else you'll not only be in a place where there will not be enough room for you to grow but you're also inhibiting your old gardener from caring for new seeds.

To everyone who made a choice last night, IT"S A NEW SEASON! Let's ask God to birth something new in us.

I can't wait to see all of us grow into the trees we were meant to be, setting down deep roots, and bearing much fruit.

To the ones we had to let go of, thank you for the nurturing, the pruning, for allowing us to grow, for teaching us to listen to God's voice, and obeying it despite the void we might feel for a time leaving you behind.To the ones who welcomed us, we look forward to our growth with you, to a new season, new heights, new levels!

Posted at 06:25 am by aubreyanne
Thursday, February 07, 2008
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I'm not eating there anymore

My first post for this week would have been about the conference I went to last week, but I'm just too tired to do that. I've been feeling sick since yesterday morning, food poisoning according to my mom. I've been vomitting and have had diarrhea for the past 24 hours, I even had slight fever yesterday.

I wasn't sure if I could go to work today but thankfully I felt a little better after my mom made me drink these re-activated charcoals (charcoal - yes I know, but it works) and Gatorade because I might get dehydrated. I didn't get much sleep last night, I practically stayed in the bathroom the whole time, if you get what I mean.

The only thing I've eaten this morning were bananas I can't stomach anything more than that. I've been trying to figure out what I ate that made me feel this way. This morning I'm pretty sure I got my answer. Y came to school and he wasn't feeling well, he was experiencing the same symptoms I had yesterday, he actually had to go home because he was really sick.Poor baby, I'll come visit him later to see how he is. SO I came to the conclusion that it's the sisig we ate at Galleria the other day when we bought the dvd players. Sayang! I love the sisig there, now I don't think I'll eat there again after what I went through last  night!

I'm feeling marginally better now, although there are still a few occasional trips to the bathroom, thank God I only have two classes today I don't know how I'll be able to handle excusing myself every 15v minutes to go to the bathroom.

Note to self: No more Sisig for me!!!

Posted at 09:07 am by aubreyanne
Wednesday, February 06, 2008
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first brad,now heath?

Heath Ledger is dead, I can't believe it, and I was so looking forward to watching him in The Dark Knight.

I did a double take when I was browsing through the Internet when I entered the lounge this morning, I thought it was just a joke, but sadly, it's true.

Awwww, first there was Brad Renfro, who I loved in the Client, and now Heath. I love watching him as an actor! In the Patriot, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Casanova, hay.......

It's so sad 'coz they're both so young, and have years ahead of them.

Brad, and Heath, they will be missed...sniff

Posted at 09:46 am by aubreyanne
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
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